Who Are We?

Achieve Behavioral Health was born out of a deep-rooted need to find a better way to lasting recovery. A way that didn’t depend on hitting rock bottom or casting blame on those who struggled.

Most importantly

It was started by an experienced team of professionals who have dealt with addiction and its effects head-on and are dedicated to helping others recover and reclaim their lives.

We are passionate about helping others and understand that addiction is a disease. We strive to give every person who walks through our doors the treatment they need to live an addiction-free life.

We’re Here For You

Right now you or people you know are suffering from addiction. You may feel lost and alone, fighting to stay afloat. We’re not here to judge or pressure anyone. We simply want to give you the resources, treatment, and counseling you need to break the grip of this crippling disease. Achieve Behavioral Health is more than a first step—it’s your path to a better life.


Addiction can happen to anyone. You should never feel ashamed for asking for help. At Achieve Behavioral Health, our team of medical professionals understands the complexity of addiction and will work closely with you during your rehabilitation journey.

Caring Doctors

Our team of doctors not only have experience, they have compassion. They understand the complexities of addiction and the courage it takes to face it head on. Our behavioral specialists work to build a rapport with you over weeks and months to make sure you feel understood. From the moment you step into our office you’re part of our family.

Positive Approach

We are here to build you up. To provide encouragement. To help you break through and reclaim your life. We believe in our process and we believe in you. Our doctors create a forgiving, safe environment for you to fully explore the root of your addiction—and find a personalized, effective way out. Our treatment services are entirely outpatient and designed to build strong relationships between you and our staff.

Dedicated Counselors

Our superb team of counselors provides individual sessions aimed at giving you the tools and support you need for successful addiction rehabilitation. We know that your addiction does not define you, and we work to de-stigmatize stereotypes and outdated thinking so that you can feel supported in your search for lasting recovery.