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Did You Know


of people over 12 are drinking at high-risk levels?


of people with an addiction problem aren’t getting help?


of people in need don’t think treatment is necessary?

A Better Approach To Recovery

Let’s get something clear: this isn’t your typical recovery program or counseling session. This is not AA. It’s not a generic alcohol and drug re-hab. It’s not detox. And we’re not here to judge anyone. Or pressure anyone. Or tell you to change. That’s up to you. We’re just here to point the way and give you the resources and treatment you need to free yourself from the prison of addiction and dependency once and for all.

Rediscover Happiness. Reclaim Your Life.

There is no judgement at Achieve Behavioral Health. No stigma. No guilt. Our highly-qualified staff rejects any and all stereotypes associated with addiction and treatment to ensure you get the care you need. Our individualized and integrated approach to treating alcohol, opioid, and other types of addiction involves behavioral health services and licensed medical professionals who work together to create a customized treatment plan just for you. Beyond mere addiction, we also address and treat underlying triggers, comorbidities, and mental health issues.

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